Tooth grinding is a very common condition that can result in migraines and jaw ache, it is also related to a number or other medical conditions including disrupted sleep and earache. We offer two treatments for this condition the first is a bite splint that is worn at night and stops the teeth contacting. However, this device is commonly not tolerated well and needs regular replacing due to wear and tear.   1.Soft bite splint – €80 Another treatment that we offer and the one we recommend as we are getting very good results is via the use of botox. The botox is injected into the body of the masseter muscle which is almost completely painless and the results will last for 6 to 8 months. Patients who have quite large massetters will notice a marked reduction in the size of the muscle, this can also give the desirable affect of slimming the face and creating a more pear shaped appearance as well. 2.botox – €240 (ask about botox for facial rejuvenation as we also arrange periodic anti wrinkle injection sessions in the medical clinic as a well)