Dr. Karan Sud

Cosmetic Dentist And Fibredontist

Who are we

A dental clinic of quality and honesty

K sud dental is a British dental clinic based in K Sud Dental & Medical Center in Moraira, we offer general and cosmetic dentistry along with facial rejuvenation treatments. All work is carried out by British qualified clinicians in a cross infection quality controlled medical centre. All of our staff are fluent in English (and are from the uk originally)and we aim to provide an honest, friendly service at a fair and justifiable price. With a focus towards conservative dentistry and the main aim being for you to keep your own teeth for as long as possible, most treatments are also as minimally invasive as possible ensuring there is minimal risk or post operative pain. Common treatments include fibre reinforced bridges and periodontal splinting which are all done at chair side in one visit and involve minimal damage to existing teeth. At k sud dental we use the best materials and state of the art technology to ensure the results are completed to a high standard and perform for many years to come. For this reason we are happy offer a 3 year garante on all restorative work as we are confident it will last! To summarise “Our aim is to continuously maintain and build the trust and loyalty of our patients through high quality dental treatments, excellent patient care and open, honest advice. We are excited to have a young talented team who are all equally as passionate about what they do as how they do it” Karan

Dr. Karan Sud

Karan graduated from the university of Dundee in 2006 and after undertaking 10 years of nhs and private dentistry in England and Scotland decided to come to the costa Blanca.

With a very creative nature and a keen desire to be different, Karan specialises in treatments that involve a more personal touch, with the combined aim of making your treatment as comfortable as possible. Most restorative treatments are done at chairside in one visit eliminating the need for impressions, temporary fixtures and commonly even injections. Using glass reinforced fibres bundles he is able to replace/restore missing teeth through the combination of advanced bonding systems and high quality composite resins. The resin comes in a variety of natural tooth colours and can be shaped and polished to a high gloss providing a long term solution to tooth replacements and cosmetic modifications. Karan also uses the same fibre system to reinforce loose teeth with other neighbouring firmer ones. This, as opposed to artificial replacement with a denture or implants. Karans principal aim is to make you understand why the proposed treatment is the best option for you and he has a portfolio of photos and videos to ensure you leave with complete piece of mind.


General dentistry

Smile design


Teeth whitening

Cosmetic dentistry

Tooth replacement




1st Consultation – FREE (discuss options and prices). Regular exam- €30 Regular exam and scale and polish – €58 During the exam radiographs will be taken if necessary and a full periodontal screening, the whole  mouth will be checked for abnormalities and any proposed treatment will be underlined. We can show you why your treatment is necessary via the use of an intra oral camera and using a database of photos and videos to ensure your expectations are met. All scale and polish sessions include use of ultra sonic scaler to remove gross deposits and wash away debris, a fine hand scale will follow and it will be concluded with an air flow to remove any remaining stains and to give the teeth a brighter appearance.


FILLINGS – composite (white) with 3 year guarantee. 1 surface- €77 2 surface- €107 3 surface (full reconstruction) – €137 All fillings are undertaken with the intention of the final result mimicking the original tooth as best as possible it will be shaped and polished to a high gloss to give a nice finish and prevent staining. Temporary fillings “patch up” (glass ionomer)- €45


Full/full dentures (2 dentures in total) – €1075, dentures can either be made from scratch or existing dentures can be replicated to ensure the transition to your new set is as reliable as possible. All dentures will be tried in wax before they are finished so you can see and feel how the finished product will be before they are cast.

1-4 teeth – €545 5-13     –  €745

If the only issue is an ill fitting denture then it may be a good idea to try an at “chair side” reline before deciding to make a new set. We have a in office reline system that can be done in a single visit without the need for impressions nor to be without your denture at any point.


Porcelain bonded to metal – €350

Zirco lite/ e Max crown (no metal) – €470

1.porcelain – €350

2.e max – €470

3. composite (made at chairside in one visit can be from one tooth to full smile makeover) €140 pertooth


€350 a unit (always a minimum of 2 units)


€470 a unit ( the bridge is adhered to adjacent tooth but only via a metal wing not a full coverage porcelain unit) note in this bridge design no damage is done to any adjacent teeth and is always our recommended choice in single missing teeth cases


Fibre Bridgework

More information

€350 a unit (so per tooth) this system uses fibre bond technology to build teeth at chair side using reinforcement from a resin impregnated glass fibre framework

  • commonly no injection necessary
  • very conservative to adjacent teeth
  • highly cosmetic
  • all done in one visit
  • no impressions
  • no temporary
  • economical price
  • if broken can be repaired at chairside

Foto entrevista karan

Look at the video

We do not charge for x rays


molar (3 or more canals) - €320 upper premolar – €247 single rooted – €197 We highly reccommend a crown as the final restoration of choice. The crown will protect de habilitated tooth from potential future damage and also significantly reduce a recurrent bacterial ingression into the pulp chamber. We charge €250 for a porcelain bonded crown if a preparation appointment is made within 6 months of the completion of the root filling.

1.Deep clean €150 All our patients will be screened at every exam appointment for signs of periodontal disease. Early diagnosis is key for long term prognosis of teeth. We would like you to keep your existing teeth for as long as possible and this is the leading cause of tooth loss in adults. In this session, Stacey our dental hygienist, will do a full inspection and record all pocket depth data before treatment. a deep clean of the whole mouth will then be performed with the ultra sonic scaler and then with hand instruments. The aim of the treatment is to clean the root surfaces and kill pathogenic bacteria that cause the disease. She will then go around all the teeth with a diode laser and then place locally delivered antimicrobials in the worst affected sites. Patients are then given instructions of how to maintain their mouths as healthy as possible and a review appt will be made in 3 months. 2. Standard scale and polish – €58 3.Periodontal splinting €150 – individual cases €300 – splint extending from canine to canine   In some cases the teeth can become loose, this is particularly true of the lower anterior teeth but happens all over the mouth. It is commonly the case that these loose teeth are situated adjacent to completely healthy, well integrated teeth, and we are able to use these as anchors to stabilise them. We do this through the use of reinforced glass fibres that are bonded into a groove cut in the involved teeth, the finished product is virtually invisible and if maintained, will ensure you can keep more of your teeth for many more years to come. At the clinic we want to provide you with the most comfortable option for your needs and i am yet to see a patient prefer a denture to their own natural teeth. We are the only clinic we are aware of that is using this invaluable technology to improve the quality of patients lives, it is in my opinion the best value for money treatment we offer.

Tooth Whitning


This will include an initial consultation to review your current shade and assess expectations and suitability. The treatment will involve impressions at the first appointment. At the next one a full mouth scale and polish will be undertaken including stain removal with air flow. The teeth will then be treated in the surgery with a high concentration of the whitening gel. A optional review appointment is also offered at the patients request.

Tooth Whitening

Tooth grinding is a very common condition that can result in migraines and jaw ache, it is also related to a number or other medical conditions including disrupted sleep and earache. We offer two treatments for this condition the first is a bite splint that is worn at night and stops the teeth contacting. However, this device is commonly not tolerated well and needs regular replacing due to wear and tear.   1.Soft bite splint – €80 Another treatment that we offer and the one we recommend as we are getting very good results is via the use of botox. The botox is injected into the body of the masseter muscle which is almost completely painless and the results will last for 6 to 8 months. Patients who have quite large massetters will notice a marked reduction in the size of the muscle, this can also give the desirable affect of slimming the face and creating a more pear shaped appearance as well. 2.botox – €240 (ask about botox for facial rejuvenation as we also arrange periodic anti wrinkle injection sessions in the medical clinic as a well)

€300 for 1 ml syringe and first 2 sessions of chosen treatment, each subsequent treatment using  the same syringe is charged at €60 a session. At the clinic we are also trained in the administration of dermal fillers which are used to make non invasive changes to the appearance of the face. Lip filler in the form of rha redensity 2 can be used to create either volume or definition to the lips. We have varying densities available depending on the treatment required. treatments range from removal of smokers lines to definition of the facial bones to create the desired look. Our chosen product is teloxane rha flexible filler which is one of the leading brands on the market.

Our team


Dental Therapist / Hygienist

Stacey began her dental career 15 years ago having started as a dental nurse before qualifying with distinction as a Dental Hygiene Therapist from the university of the Highlands and islands. She is keen to promote a ‘prevention is better than cure’ philosophy, aiming to educate and motivate all patients to maintain good oral hygiene practices at home, in order to reduce the need for treatment and aide in the prevention of periodontal disease. Committed to providing the very best clinical dentistry, Stacey’s expertise lies in the non-surgical treatment of the gums and surrounding tissues, especially in nervous patients. Stacey works closely with the practice owner Dr Sud and oversees the treatment and care of all periodontal patients from their initial treatment all the way through to their maintenance programme. In her spare time Stacey likes to travel, gym work outs, dog walking and volunteering at Akira dog shelter.


Nurse + Practice manager

Jennifer qualified as a dental nurse in Scotland in 1996, since then worked in Edinburgh for the head of the British dental association and now for the last 10 years in Clinica Britannia Calpe. For almost 2 years Jennifer has been very fortunate to be working alongside Dr Karan Sud who’s innovative ideas and advanced techniques in dentistry have proved educational and brought extreme pleasure to her work. Jennifer works very hard to ensure every patient that visits the practice has a very relaxed and comfortable experience, she strives to get to know her patients by taking time to ask about their lives and sharing a laugh together. Jennifer will always greet you with a warm welcoming smile.

“I can’t recommend highly enough Karan and his nurse Jen… I have had a fear of dentists for a number or years and felt completely as ease throughout my 2 visits. Jen constantly reasurring and keeping me calm like a guardian angel and Karan’s professional expertise in advising the options available to me in a way I understood meant I could make a decision on the treatment I was about to get. Karan’s attention to detail and professional ability was excellent and explained the whole process all the way through. Lastly the surgery has a large fish tank with lots of different coloured fish which is very calming…. I have now booked for my next visit but this one is purely for cosmetic dentistry. ”

Sharon Murphy
Google Review

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Latest Work


You know that we like to always have you aware of our latest news, here we leave you a summary of the fair where we were present last week. we thank all who have visited us during those 2 wonderful days.

we have had such a busy week working hard to try get the new clinic ready in time for opening on the 15th September
We thought we would pop a little video together , give you guys a wee inside peek at how awesome it is
Will keep you all updated, week coming will be our last week working inside Clinica Britannia, any questions or updates just whats app or call 603296687
Whats app is the best as it is just Karan and myself, if i cant answer the phone it just because were with a patient, but we will call back.
Thanks again for all your loyal support❤️❤️

Presentation for U3A on the correlation between gum disease and general health and the preservation of their own teeth as an alternative to extraction Here we leave you a video summary of how we spent that day, thank you again to all who were present and thanks also to U3A for inviting us.

3 year guarantee if 6 monthly check up appointments are maintained

Treatment options can be discussed and any questions answered

Contact us


Avenida de la marina 109B. 03720 Benisa


Emergencies 24H: +34 603 29 66 87


Monday to Friday. From 9:30 to 17:00.


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